Elvis Presley! Is he alive?

Discussion on conspiracies around Elvis Presley's death or the conspiracy that he never died.


I just recently made a visit to Graceland with my Parents and it brought to mind of how much mystery and conspiracy surrounds Elvis’ Death. I am sure everyone knows about how Elvis has been spotted Time and time again since is untimely death. This episode is going to explore some of the top conspiracies that come with the name Elvis Presley.


Elvis Presley was born January 8th 1935 and rose to stardom in the 1950s for his unique style of Rock and Roll music. Sam Phillips signed him to Sun Records in 1954 and the song “That’s All Right” was just the beginning to Elvis’s rise to fame. In 1955, Elvis enlisted the Colonel Tom Parker, who helped broker the deal between RCA Victor records and Elvis became a recording artist for RCA. RCA paid $35,000 for the Elvis’ contract from Sun Records. On January 27th 1956, Elvis’ released one of his treadmark songs “Heartbreak Hotel” and with TV performances over the next few months, Elvis was on his way to becoming the King of Rock and Roll.

Throughout Elvis’ career he had 18 #1 hits on the Bllboard charts (Some say it was actually 21, but billboard has it as 18), stared in 33 movies on the silver screen and had 3 tv concert specials. He has the record for most gold records at 117 and this is more than double of Barbra Streisand, who has 51. Along with his Gold Records, Elvis has 67 Platinum Albums, 27 Multi-Platinum Albums and 1 diamond awarded album. This results in a total of 197 albums that have won awards. (The Beatles has 122 for comparison)

Elvis died on August 16, 1977 from a heart attack at his home in Graceland. His body lays at rest on the grounds of Graceland and millions of visitors every year visit and pay homage to “The King”

Now that I have covered some of the facts about Elvis, lets jump into the mystery surrounding his death.

Consipiracy/Mystery 1:

  • First Sighting of Elvis after his death 
    • Shortly after his death, A man by the name of Jon Burrows bought a one-way ticket to Buenos Aires, Argentina 
      • Jon Burrows is one of the Aliases that Elvis used for booking Hotels.
Consipiracy/Mystery 2:

  • The Headstone Theory 
    • Elvis’ middle name was changed to Aron (spelled A R O N) later in life 
      • Given middle name at Birth was Aaron but spelled A A R O N 
        • Middle Name change speculated to be changed to match his stillborn twin Jesse Garon (spelled G A R O N) Presley
      • Theory is that the Name was misspelled intentionally to inform everyone that Elvis faked his death
Consipiracy/Mystery 3:

  • Pool House Photo 
    • Mike Joseph was visiting Graceland with his family on a tour of the estate on December 31, 1977
    • Snapped a picture of the pool house
    • Photo shows what appears to be Elvis sitting in his pool house four months after his death
    • Joe Esposito stated it was actually Al Strada during an interview with Larry King
Consipiracy/Mystery 4:

  • Memphis Mafia 
    • “Is Elvis Alive” was Published by Author Gail Brewer-Giorgio in 1988 
      • Based on FBI Documents that the Author reviewed
      • Concluded that Elvis had to go into Witness Protection
      • FBI used Elvis to take down Criminal Organization known as “The Fraternity”
      • It was discovered he was a mole and his life was in Danger
Consipiracy/Mystery 5:

  • Signing Pastor 
    • Bob Joyce is a pastor in Arkansas
    • Conspiracy came to light in January of 2019.
    • Elvis was born in 1935, Bob was born in 1954
Consipiracy/Mystery 6:
Photo 1
  • Graceland Grounds Keeper 
    • Started in summer of 2016
    • Elvis is hiding in plan site and working on the grounds of graceland
    • Claimed to be confirmed by Graceland Employees
    • Real name is Bill Barmer
Consipiracy/Mystery 7:
  • Extra Home Alone 
    • Elvis can be seen in a seen in the original Home Alone Movie
Consipiracy/Mystery 8:

  • He went back to his home planet 
    • All conspiracy Theories have to have an alien theory.





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